Keyword action

Keyword action is called when user open trending topics in search. This action can provides search keyword like trending topics.


  1. "Trending topics" button is pressed by user.

  2. twicca checks app that receives this action.

    twicca check intent-filter with this intent. Your app/plug-in must receive this intent.

    Type Value
    Action jp.r246.twicca.ACTION_PICK_TREND
    Category android.intent.category.DEFAULT
  3. twicca makes "Trending topics" menu with app/plug-in that receives this action, and open it.

  4. Your app/plug-in name item in "Trending topics" menu is pressed by user.

  5. Start your app/plug-in by twicca.

  6. Your app/plug-in determine the keywords.

    If pick keyword process is success, your app/plug-in must be setResult( this intent, RESULT_OK ) and finish().

    Type Name Value Data type
    Extra android.intent.extra.TEXT Search keyword. String

    If pick keyword process is failure, your app/plug-in must be nothing and finish.

  7. If twicca receive RESULT_OK, twicca starts search about receive keyword.