Show tweet action

Show tweet action is called from menu in timeline. You can create new function about tweet in timeline by receive this action.


  1. Tweet in timeline is pressed by user.

  2. twicca checks app that receives this action if tweet is public.

    twicca check intent-filter with this intent. Your app/plug-in must receive this intent.

    Type Value
    Action jp.r246.twicca.ACTION_SHOW_TWEET
    Category android.intent.category.DEFAULT
    Extra Name Value Data type
    android.intent.extra.TEXT Tweet text String
    id Tweet ID String
    latitude Latitude(optional) String
    longitude Longitude(optional) String
    created_at Tweet time(in UNIX time, msec) String
    source Client name String
    in_reply_to_status_id "In reply to status id"(Optional) String
    user_screen_name User screen name String
    user_name User name String
    user_id User ID String
    user_profile_image_url User's avatar image url String
    user_profile_image_url_mini String
    user_profile_image_url_normal String
    user_profile_image_url_bigger String
  3. twicca makes menu with app/plug-in that receives this action, and open it.

  4. Your app/plug-in name item in menu is pressed by user.

  5. Start your app/plug-in by twicca.

    twicca does not receive results about this action.