twicca has standard Twitter client functions, as well as many special features.

Color label

Can you find important user's tweets easily from many tweets in your timeline? If you use color labels, It's easy. It makes that person stand out remarks.


If you want more features, please look for plug-ins. Alot of plug-ins for twicca is sure will satisfy you. Missing? Let you make plugin. Don't worry, it's very easy.

Simple & Beautiful UI

twicca has a very simple and beautiful UI. Your fingers will never be confused. It's easy to use by one hand.

Light weight

Which do you like jumpy and smooth? If you like smooth, please feel twicca lightness.


twicca notify to you when you have new tweet in your timeline. You don't lose mentions and direct messages.

Powerful Preview

twicca can preview of many image providers. It provides a seamless experience for you.

Edit Profile

twicca can edit your profile information. Of course you can also change profile picture.


twicca can follow the conversation of tweets. You can not lose the flow of conversation.

Shorten & Expand URL

twicca can shorten the URL in your tweet. And you can expand URL including t.co.


twicca automatically saves hashtags that was tweeted by you. You can call it when searching and tweeting.

Widget & Shortcut

Widgets and shortcuts provide quick access to timeline, hashtags, users and lists from home app.

Photos & Videos

twicca can tweet with photos and videos. It can easily tweet the events of front of your eyes.


twicca can mute tweets that contain offensive word. It is also possible to specify application and users.