Request for security update

March 12 2012

Thank you for using twicca.

Security issues have been identified in older versions of twicca. If an illegal android app has been installed, twicca old version may be exploited to upload media in SD card. This issue is fixed in twicca v0.9.31. If you are using old version, please update to the latest version.

The affected version is the following.

  • twicca v0.9.30(or bellow)

Other exploit has not been confirmed.

How to check the version of twicca

  1. Launch twicca and display any timeline.
  2. Press menu key to display menu.
  3. Press "more" menu to display sub menu.
  4. Press "About twicca" menu to check the version.

For plug-in developers

If you are app/plug-in developer, please check here.


  • March 12 2012
    • Released this document.