%%How to make twicca plug-ins%%

%%twicca plug-ins has five kinds.%%

%%In addition, please refer to the following clauses for the common specifications about twicca plug-in.%%

%%In addition, the specifications of the twicca plug-in may be changed without a notice.%%

%%How to call your plug-in setting from twicca's plug-in settings.%%

%%Receive this intent to open plug-in setting from twicca.%%

%%Type%% %%Value%% %%Usage%%
Action jp.r246.twicca.ACTION_PLUGIN_SETTINGS intent.getAction();
Category android.intent.category.DEFAULT - intent.getCategory();

%%About plug-in icon design.%%

%%The designs of the icon of the twicca plug-ins are unified by puzzle piece motif.%%

%%Icon templates is here.%%

%%When you make original plug-in, please use this motif as much as possible.%% %%In addition, do not use this template for other applications.%%